Autogenous Bacterins

The Addison Autogenous Bacterin Program uses the disease-causing bacteria isolated from your herd to develop a vaccine specifically for your herd.

Autogenous Detail Sheet

New Findings with Bovine Pinkeye.

By Bruce Addison and Austin Springer

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Five Steps to Improved Herd Health

  1. The Diagnostic Plan
    The diagnostic plan is a scientific preventive health program using a team approach, including you, the producer, your veterinarian, and a laboratory. A licensed attending veterinarian is required to be involved in any diagnostic and autogenous work with Addison Biological Laboratory. An Addison Biological Laboratory technician consults with your veterinarian to help identify and diagnose specific herd health problems. Diagnostic processing takes 5-8 working days and results go to the veterinarian on the case; please contact your veterinarian for results. For more information on our diagnostic services, click here.
  2. Collection Of Samples
    The veterinarian collects tissues and/or body fluids from the herd and sends or delivers the samples to a diagnostic laboratory. Addison Biological Laboratory can provide shipping containers and recommendations to assure that the best samples for the most accurate diagnoses are obtained.
  3. Diagnosis
    Addison Biological Laboratory provides fast, expert diagnostic services but we also encourage the use of your local diagnostic laboratories, if more convenient. The diagnostician isolates and identifies the disease-causing organisms in the tissues and/or body fluids.
  4. Bacterin Production and Delivery
    Addison Biological Laboratory uses select pathogenic micro-organisms isolated from the animals to produce herd-specific bacterins that meet or exceed U.S.D.A. standards for purity and safety. Once we have isolates and an order from the veterinarian, production and delivery require approximately 14 days. A fast response is important but we don’t compromise quality for speed.
  5. Vaccination
    The herd-specific bacterins can be prepared from more than one antigen or bacteria providing they are isolated from the herd. Such multivalent bacterins provide substantial labor savings by decreasing the number of injections the animals receive.

Follow-Up and Fine Tuning

  • As herd conditions change, the health program must also adapt and change. Our service does not stop with the first delivery of bacterins. Addison Biological Laboratory provides continuing, personalized customer service and, together with the veterinarian, helps ensure the continuing success of the herd-specific health program.
  • Addison autogenous bacterins often reduce the need for costly antibiotic treatments.
  • Herds are in a constantly changing environment that includes mutating micro-organisms. Your autogenous bacterins can be modified to meet these challenges.
  • Addison autogenous bacterins are always competitive in price and often reduce overall health costs.

To speak with a trained technician about our autogenous bacterin program, please call 800-331-2530.

Moraxella bovoculi Problem?

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“My herd’s health problems are constantly changing. Thus far our herd-specific program has also changed and proven successful.”
IA Producer

“Once producers get on an autogenous bacterin program, they want to stay on it because of the results!”
IL Veterinarian

“Our survival rate has tripled; I am extremely pleased.”
IL Producer

“When assessing health problems, we need to look at the total picture. The key to the autogenous bacterin program is identifying the problem organism.”
MO Veterinarian